Sipping Bluet

Chill and chug does the trick on the beach, in a canoe, or a picnic on a peak. For the easiest cocktail recipe ever, here’s a slightly sweet summer sipper for the back deck. Ingredients: Bluet in a can Paper straw Sprig of mint Cointreau (or other triple sec) Preparation: Pop a can, insert straw, […]

Bluet History

1978 Cops and Robbers: Michael and Eric begin a lifetime of playing together immediately upon meeting in 4th grade. A contentious Twixt championship game still surfaces occasionally. 1990s California winemaking and story telling: Michael finds a job turning grapes into wine while Eric bangs out his first novel. 1999 A wedding in a barn: Hannah […]

Farming Wild Blues

We started Bluet because we love Maine, we love wine, and we love wild blueberries. We keep making wine and growing our company because of what we’ve discovered along the way. About a wild superfood that carries its incredible benefits through the fermentation process. About family growers struggling in a global market that undervalues their […]