Maine Wild Blueberry Sparkling Wine

Bluet Wild Blueberry Sparkling Wine captures summer in Maine with the purity of a single ingredient: native Maine wild blueberries. Bluet Méthode Champenoise and Bluet Charmat Method are bubbly, dry wines with bright natural acidity and may be enjoyed as an apéritif, mixed in a cocktail, or served with food.


Michael and Eric grew up together in Maine and started this whole thing a few years ago with a question: could wild blueberries make good sparkling wine? Along the way, we bought a beautiful oak barrel from Ed, who may be Maine’s last cooper, and asked if he’d like to join us to get stuff done in the winery. And this year Abby and Davis joined us, making the whole thing work better than we ever hoped it could! 

Rowan Jacobsen ~ Yankee

“I wonder if anywhere else on earth has a 100-mile Zen garden of fruit just begging to be explored. A Lost World of wine. The young farmers will find it. And the young romantics will follow. And then everyone else who is young or old and aching to be immersed in a place that rises up and floods the senses in its own unmistakable flavor.” read on… or Download PDF

Eric Asimov ~ The New York Times

“It’s this iconic fruit of Maine, and we know there’s a cipher, a geography, that’s written into it,” he said. “It’s got to make something that speaks of this place.” read on… or Download PDF

Astrid Lium ~ The Boston Globe

“Bluet is not intended to emulate traditional grape wine, but rather it is forging a unique identity and providing a fresh experience for wine drinkers. Although this tart beverage is currently considered a regional delicacy, that may change as it expands beyond its Maine roots. read on… or Download PDF

Mary Pols ~ Portland Press Herald

“Can blueberry wine with bubbles give Maine farmers a meaningful outlet for sales?” read on… or Download PDF

Food and Wine

Ray Isle ~ Food & Wine

“I like its crispness, the low alcohol level, and the intense blueberry character it offers without sweetness. Seems like an ideal summer possibility for drinking by the water in Maine, actually, which is where I am every August. I think Bluet would also be a great aperitif/cocktail hour drink.” read on…

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Wild Blueberry Wine Trade Group

Wholesale accounts please contact:
Crush Distributors in Maine and New Hampshire
VOS Selections in New York and New Jersey
MS Walker in Massachusetts and Rhode Island
Vermont Wine Merchants in Vermont
Housatonic Wine Co. in Connecticut
Lime Ventures in California
Metro Cellars in Washington D.C., Virginia
RNDC in Louisiana

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