Kneeling in a blueberry patch as little kid, somewhere in Maine, picking and devouring the tart sweet tiny wild blueberries– do you have that memory?  I was a little boy and it was through the woods, under the power line where we’d find them in late July. I grew up, moved away, and arrived in California where I met my wife and learned to make wine. We’d come back in the summers, Hannah and I, and meet up with our friends Eric and Meredith. The children played and found their own blueberry patches.

I suppose Bluet began when we wondered why it wasn’t a thing–why didn’t we see wild blueberry wine all over Maine? So in my aunt and uncle’s barn we fermented a thousand pounds of wild blues. That was August 2014. It didn’t taste bad! That’s what people told us and so we sold the wine and made more next year. Now we’re making a whole lot, with the dedicated help of Ed and Davis in the winery (we outgrew the old barn) and in partnerships with families who tend the fields. If you haven’t seen one, a blueberry field is extraordinary and ancient. This is the original blueberry, a stone age fruit that you don’t plant. It just grows on its own here in Maine the way it has for 10,000 years. Bluet is truly unique. Made with only a single amazing ingredient. We are lucky to be doing this and happy you found us. Your support helps the family farms sustain their unique Maine way of life. And drinking Bluet does your body good while keeping it all very local.